Heading North! I visited my friend living in Fukushima. Winter 0nsen-trip is so special, and YES, we both had so much fun. 冬のごほうび! Here is how it went!

Sinkansen After Dark



Finished with my work, I rode Shinkansen from Omiya station. (Utsunomiya-line was packed. ah.) I was trying to buy something for my friend at Omiya station, but there was nothing special inside the ticket gate of shinkansen. I should’ve bought some cheese tarts at BAKE….!

Good evening, Yamabiko. I always love riding Shinkansen either it’s for business or a fun trip. I bought a bit nicer onigiri (ikura!) to eat on Shinkansen. How come onigiri tastes better on Shinkansen!

Arriving at Koriyama


In about one hour, I arrived Koriyama 郡山, in Fukushima. CHILLY!!! My friend came to pick me up with her car to the station. I liked her white mini vehicle N-Box. It took us about one hour and half to get to our Ryokan in Higashiyama Onsen, Aizu-Wakamatsu. On the way to the Ryokan, we did some catch-up talk and counted how many years had passed since we met (which we repeatedly do!). Yes, it’s been almost 10 years sinnce we met. Thank you, you are always courageous and warmhearted!

Wow Ryokan “Shosuke no Yado, Taki no Yu” 庄助の宿 瀧の湯


The Ryokan we stayed was located in riverside. It was actually way more stylish and gorgeous than we had imagined! Wooden passage, classy lighting, modern dining, and beautiful rooms. I’m giving up. I don’t know enough words to explain how great the ryokan was.

We had some delis and sake (Hanaharu, popular 清酒 made in Fukushima) in our room since it’s almost 10pm. Afterwards, onsen time! Not a gigantic tubs, yet spacious and relaxing enough. Above all, the Roten buro!! Thank God, it was amazing and defenitely best roten buro ever. Bathing while looking out the river and the bamboo forest covered with snow. We were recalling our trip which we went about 4 years ago, before graduating from college. We still have so many places to go!


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