Wake up in Somewhere Unfamiliar

That’s how I was feeling at morning while traveling when I was a child. I liked the strange sense but do not feel it anymore. Um, I am a grownup.

Morning bathing, asaburo was also fabulous. It was snowy! I could stay in the onsen for hours.

Breakfast was Washoku buffet. Various delis made with veges and plants grown in Fukushima! Aizu ramen,  yogurt made with Beko no Chichi (ベこの乳,  milk brand in Aizu), Koshihikari. It was all so satisfying.   I had no time to take photo ;(

Aizu Castle is White

26219264_unknownTsurara, the icicle! We drove about 20 minutes and arrived Aizu Castle. It’s unfortunate that I do not know much about the history of Aizu. The Castle was white and beautiful. (I had no deeper emotion about it. oops)

Katsu Lunch!

After my friend’s research, there was no doubt about our choice; Tontei とん亭 was the best place for Sauce-Katsu don! The place was busy and tables were full.


There you go, Katsu! The pork was juicy and tasted so nice. I liked it but the portion was too much… I was full ooops.

Downtown, Aizu-Wakamatsu. You are COOL!


Old town, retro architecture, cool shops!

It was snowy, but snow and this town was the best match◎ The only stuff I bought there was this Otahuku お多福 bead! It has “hyottoko face” on the other side! omg. This is the cutest Japanese bead I’ve ever seen, and it was sold at a swift shop for 150 yen… how lucky I am! I will make a strap for my camera with this bead.


This flower shop had a radish-shaped signboard and fence. So pretty. 26220000_unknown

Ishii-Shokudo 石井食堂 at the temporary housing in Miharu machi 

We left Aizu and were headed to Koriyama. My friend suggested me to visit a temporary housing near Koriyama as our last destination. The housing place was for people from Katsurao-mura 葛尾村 in Fukushima, a town designated as an evacuation area once.  There was a small dining in temporary housing area named Ishii-Shokudo. This dining used to be in Katsurao-mura, too. It was a pretty famous temporary dining in the area, and many public figures, such as our current priminister and Ken Watanabe,  had visited this tiny dining.

Eh it’s a big portion again.


I ordered half Tanmen, and it’s big portion again…! I could not finish it. sorry. A group in the dining was eating Cha-han 炒飯 , and it was damn big. really. I saw a mountain. A staff there told us that they would move back to their town this summer. I was so thankful to visit this place and had some time to think about their life in the place. How helpless their isolated life could be? Their anguish is not what I could imagine.Thank you.

Thumbs-Up! Bye bye Fukushima!


Back in Koriyama station, we had some time to chill at Starbacks. This short trip was full of relaxing and calming experience. There was no rush. Thank you very much for the safest drive, too! Where is our next destination? DaNang, Bali, Kyoto!





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